Achieve your goals with BestFit

Choose the app that suits you best and get your individual workout plan.

BestFit Home workout at home & on the road

Workout with equipment and/or body weight.
BestFit Home creates your individual workout plan according to your fitness level.
You set your goals: build muscle, get fit, lose weight.

BestFit your app for personalised workout plans

With BetFit you have maximum freedom of choice when creating your training plan.
Different training methods make your workouts even more intense.
Through changing training stimuli you will achieve optimal training success with BestFit.

BestFit Go your App for the Gym

BestFit Go creates personalised training plans for your gym workout quickly and easily.
The workout plans are automatically adjusted to your fitness level and experience.
Set your goals: build muscles, get fit, lose weight.

Why BestFit? 

The BestFit algorithm creates workout plans that match your personal fitness level and experience.
BestFit Home is your personal trainer at home and on the road. The app gives you the possibility to train with equipment and/or body weight.
With BestFit you can view your performance curve at any time and keep an eye on your progress at all times. You take control of your training and stay motivated.
Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, or build muscle - BestFit helps you achieve your goals.


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